Oceania Pure, the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Patagonia ShoalFoods™, was founded to bring novel and highly sustainable Whole Omega Nutrients to the U.S. market. Our exclusive manufacturer, GIHON Laboratorios, was founded in 1991 and has a background in pharmaceuticals. For over twenty years, Gihon has conducted research and development under stringent international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) regulations.

Our diverse manufacturing and laboratory team includes several PhDs in Chemistry and Biology. Our R&D efforts benefit from exclusive partnerships with leading universities worldwide and a European distribution partnership in Hamburg, Germany. Our first venture into the natural products world involved developing and manufacturing a stevia extract. That product’s success inspired us to explore many more natural ingredients, from both land and sea.

Today, Oceania Pure strives to develop what we call Near-Surface Omegas™. These marine Omega-3 ingredients are harvested in a unique shallow-water ecosystem, which provides a naturally superior DHA content. Sunlight is able to reach the full depth of the Patagonia shoal, resulting in the unique Omega-3 composition of the marine life there.

Oceania Pure’s ShoalFoods™ are fully traceable and honor both Argentine and international regulations. The Patagonia shoal provides the opportunity to fish certain deep-sea species in relatively shallow waters. This is inherently a more sustainable approach to acquiring unique DHA-rich omegas without causing undue strain on deep ocean environments.

Oceania Pure strives to provide exceptionally high-quality nutritional supplements and natural ingredients that transform human health, while caring for and protecting the environment. We believe environmental standards are not a burden but a vital necessity to safeguard ongoing economic and social development long into the future.