ShoalFoods™ Surprise: Supply Siders Surfing Our Shoal!

We at ShoalFoods™ want to thank our SupplySide West visitors for checking out the mysteries of the Patagonia Sea and why #ItsGoodToBeShallow! We had a great time explaining that in addition to providing ultimate surfing conditions, the Patagonia Shoal (and area of 200 miles of shallow water, strong currents and ultra high concentrations of phytoplankton […]


Come Surf and Win Big at SupplySide West!

Oceania Pure, LLC is pleased invite attendees at this year’s SupplySide West to booth 804 to come ride “Las Olas Grandes”, the giant waves of the Patagonian Sea. Even if you’ve never surfed before, and whether you’re in a suit or a dress, you just may have what it takes to bring home the big trophy and the 1st place prize, a $300 Visa gift card. Place second and a $150 gift card is yours, and everyone who plays gets a $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card and a souvenir digital…


It’s Good To Be Shallow: Get Healthier With the Most Unique Omegas in the World

ShoalFoods™ Skate Fish and Calamari Oils from Oceania Pure are Whole Omega Nutrients sourced from the astonishing waters off the coast of Argentina. These pristine waters give rise to Omegas that are higher in DHA than EPA, exactly the reverse for marine sources traditionally found in deeper waters. This is why we refer to ShoalFoods™ as Enlightened Omegas™.