How do ShoalFoods™ provide a source of Omega-3 that is naturally higher in brain-healthy DHA?*

It starts with the unique Argentine coast, where the Patagonia Continental Shelf, or shoal, extends for hundreds of miles into the sea. Essentially, it is one of the world’s largest sandbars.  Sunlight, ocean currents, and salinity energize the entire habitat and nourish the whole food chain from algae and plant life to all marine species.

This affects the Omega-3 composition of our ShoalFood™ ingredients in a positive way. Patagonia ShoalFoods™ from calamari and skate demonstrate unique attributes such as DHA:EPA ratios that are not found in other Omega-3 sources. ShoalFoods™ possess DHA levels that are naturally higher than their EPA levels, without requiring artificial procedures to concentrate the oils.

ShoalFoods™ are the perfect Whole Omega Nutrients. Harvested in a unique, shallow-water ecosystem, these Near-Surface Omegas™ are ideal for supporting healthy cognitive function, healthy vision, and cardiovascular wellness.*

  • ShoalFoods™ Calamari Oil provides 15% DHA and 12% EPA
  • ShoalFoods™ Skate Oil provides a phenomenal 20% DHA and 9% EPA

Most other products have to add extra DHA into their products through artificial processing. With Patagonia ShoalFoods™, you get more brain-healthy DHA naturally. When sunlight helps create our Patagonia ShoalFoods, you get more brain-healthy DHA, naturally. SHoalFoods™ are truly Enlightened Omegas™!*

DHA and EPA for the Whole Body

Research has found that DHA Omega-3 is vital for the human brain. It helps to:

  • Maintain healthy cognitive function*
  • Promote healthy focus and concentration*
  • Support balanced mood*

Pregnant and lactating women are often encouraged to supplement with Omega-3 DHA because it has been found to:

  • Promote healthy fetal neurological development*
  • Promote healthy birth weight*
  • Support healthy neurological development in breastfed infants*

Beyond cognitive health, Omega-3 EPA and DHA are valuable throughout the body at all ages, helping to:

  • Support cardiovascular health*
  • Maintain joint health and comfort*
  • Support a healthy immune system*
  • Promote healthy hormonal balance*

Discover the Omega-3 that inherently provides the DHA levels you want.  Not only are ShoalFoods™ naturally good for you, they’re from a thriving, biodiverse ecosystem too. It’s an Omega-3 that people feel good about in every way.