The secret is out. ShoalFoods™ from Oceania Pure is an Omega-3 source that naturally contains a unique, brain healthy ratio of DHA/EPA.*

Off the coast of Argentina, the Patagonia Shelf or Patagonia Shoal, extends for 200 miles into the pristine South Atlantic Ocean. Along other coastlines, the depth drops much faster. But, in this, beautiful and biodiverse Argentine ecosystem, the waters remain shallow.

The Patagonia Shoal is an area of converging global currents, high sunlight, varying salinity, and three times the normal oceanic phytoplankton levels. These components create a thriving ecosystem that delivers healthy Omega-3 benefits to our customers.

This is one clear case where it’s good to be shallow! Sunlight warms the entire seascape along this extensive stretch of the continental shelf. Phytoplankton thrives here and fuels the rest of the marine food chain.

This results in two incredible advantages:

  • More Brain-Healthy DHA. Our ShoalFoods™ Near-Surface Omegas™ (from calamari and skate oils) naturally provide more DHA than EPA without artificial concentration processes.
  • Biodiverse Ecosystem. The region recovers quickly from fishing because of the sunlit, biodiverse waters.

Patagonia ShoalFoods™ calamari and skate oils, with their naturally occurring higher DHA, are Whole Omega Nutrients. Oceania Pure provides two ShoalFoods™ Omega-3 products that encapsulate and deliver this complex nourishment from the continental shelf.